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Accident leads to spiralling debt

What is an IVA?

How To Get Started With a Debt Lifeboat IVA

A Debt Lifeboat IVA is simple to understand, quick to arrange and could enable you to get rid of your debts within five years.

It's quite likely that your debts are complicated. They may have been built up over many years and they probably involve many different creditors. They could also include so-called 'comprehensive debt solutions', like consolidation loans.

Fortunately, IVAs are a genuinely simple solution to even the most complex debt problems. We work with all your creditors to seek their agreement on one manageable payment plan with the aim of having you completely debt free within five years. The only person you have to speak to during the whole process is Phillip Allen, who has dealt with IVAs for 20 years, or one of our team of IVA experts.

IVAs are also quick to arrange. It may have taken you a long time to get into your debt difficulties. You could have spent months - even years - trying desperately to sort them out on your own. But once you choose an IVA, you can expect to have a debt free plan mapped out in about seven weeks. We'll make sure you receive expert guidance every step of the way.

Setting up an IVA is done in eight simple steps to a debt free future. This starts with a phone conversation with Phillip Allen or one of Debt Lifeboat's IVA experts.

We will be delighted to get your call because we know this first step - however difficult it is for you to take - will put you on the right path to the best possible outcome: a debt free future for you and your family.

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